I’m Simona and I’m 37 years old. Five years ago my partner Davide and me have left the city and moved in the countryside to embrace a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle. Our place is pristine and sunny, full of old oaks, olive trees, pines and cypresses.

We have slowly restored our ancient stone house where our son Ulisse was born. Both Davide and me graduated in philosophy so we have started a project of a philosophical house: a place where philosophy and culture merge with good practices and good food.

We organize cultural dinners, workshops and gastronomic tastings with our products.

We live in Chiaramonte Gulfi (in Sicily, near Ragusa). To contact us to have an experience, email: info@casafilosofica.it – our tel/WhatsApp: +393776701186



Cooking natural lunch in a old coutry house

Cooking is our passion. We like the simple cuisine made with natural and tasty ingredients: vegetables from our garden, flour from an ancient stone mill, cheese and meat from our favourite farmer. We are constantly in search for the ancient and lost flavors of food, to counter the flattening of taste caused by the industrial production of food. We also have a large collection of ancient Sicilian recipes that we found thanks to the testimony of grandmothers and aunts and historical Sicilian cookbooks.

For two years, we welcome home everyone who wants to share with us the experience of cooking and enjoying our lunch. Before cooking we usually go for a walk and with our guests we collect the ingredients we’ll use: in the summer we’ll find tomatoes, zucchini, onions, aubergines, peppers, spinach, during the other seasons wild herbs, fruits, flowers and mushrooms.

After the walk we’ll start to cook: we always like to prepare fresh pasta or scacce, a typical savoury pastry from Ragusa, as well as appetizers with the ingredients we have collected and the preserves we usually prepare (dried tomatoes, onion jam, black olives etc).

If the weather allows we’ll have lunch in the garden under a large olive tree. During lunch, we love talking with our guests about food, culture and lifestyle. We are very curious, we like to know different ways of living and compare them with ours.


How to make natural soap with olive oil

In Sicily we have a long tradition of soap production. For more than ten years I have been producing my olive oil soap. I use the cold process, very simple and quick. I also like to add in my soaps herbs and flowers that grow wild in my land. I often do soap-making workshop because I think that self-producing soap is a revolution for everyone and I am always happy to share the knowledge I gained over the years.

I’ll be happy to welcome you home and show you a practical demonstration of soap production, if the weather allows we’ll work in the garden under a large olive tree. I’ll show you the process step by step and I’ll provide you  several recipes to produce shower and face soap, shampoo and laundry soap. I’ll also show you how to use herbs, seeds and flowers in soap, and how to make decoctions and macerate with herbs. At the end you can take with you your first piece of self-produced soap!


Making “Scacce”, our street food

I grew up observing my grandma and my mom making “scacce”, our typical holiday and street food. Little by little I was able to make scacce, learning all the tricks of the trade.

I want to preserve the traditions of my family and my land, so I make scacce for my family and my friends – and my guests, of course! I will lead you to the wonderful world of “Scaccia”, our typical street and holiday food. Scacce are a kind of focaccia (a sort of bread filled with vegetables and cheese).
First of all we will make the dough for scacce using durum wheat flour from an ancient stone mill that grinds only grains from sicilian heirloom seeds like Russello and Timilia. We will add “criscente” (homemade sourdough starter that I inherited from my grandma) and our extravirgin olive oil. I will teach you the tricks for a well-balanced “sfoglia” (the thin layer of bread), tasty and crisp.
While the dough grow, we will cook the vegetables for the stuffing. All vegetables will be organic from our garden or organic market.

Then we will make two different kind of sfoglia, one very thin for tomato scaccia and another thicker for other scacce. At this point we can fill and bake scacce. At the end we will have lunch with our handmade scacce, drinking delicious organic Nero d’Avola wine.